eu health summit

As we head towards the EU elections in 2019, citizens across Europe and our healthcare systems are facing unprecedented challenges from an ageing population, and increased prevalence of chronic disease driving rising demand on services. At the same time, rapidly advancing science is leading us into a new era of innovation from genomics to data analytics.

How we map the future of healthcare in Europe, making the most of the innovation at our fingertips in the context of health care systems struggling for resources, what is the role of the European Union in addressing these challenges and critically, how can different sectors converge to deliver the best outcomes for patients in Europe? These are the questions the EU Health Summit is aiming to answer.

It is a multi-stakeholder event organised from within and across the health community that seeks to bring together European leaders, policy makers and health stakeholders to discuss how Europe could develop and take the lead in areas such as research and innovation, health data and digital health, healthcare organisation and financing as well as health in all policies.

The aim of the Summit is to distil recommendations for the next European Commission and European Parliament to bring the necessary changes about.


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Line Linstad

Norwegian Centre for e-Health Research

Marleen De Smedt


Roberto Viola

European Commission

Wolfgang Burtscher

European Commission

Toni Dedeu

International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC)

Lieve Wierinck

Member of the European Parliament

Tiemo Wölken

Member of the European Parliament

Mark Pearson

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)


We are a group of 28 stakeholders who share a commitment to a positive future for European health.

Policy groups

Earlier this year, around fifty stakeholders that shared a commitment to a positive future for European health gathered to brainstorm about how to keep health an EU priority. Four focus areas were identified: research and innovation, health data and digital health, healthcare organisation and financing, and health in all policies. Since then, a number of those participating organisations have met regularly to prepare policy recommendations in these four focus areas that will set the scene for the Summit discussions.