eu health summit

Most recently Dr Marleen De Smedt has been the Adviser to the Director-General of Eurostat, the EU’s body for official statistics. In this position she took responsibility for statistics on well-being and sustainable development in an EU and UN context. Marleen started her career as occupational physician, and in 1988 she joined the European Commission, where she has held a number of key positions as Head of unit, steering the development of Community statistics on public health; health and safety at work; education; food safety; crime, victimization, criminal justice and equality. Marleen was educated at Universiteit Antwerpen from which she earned her Medical Degree, and also at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and the University of Brussels, where she obtained her postgraduate titles in public health, occupational health, epidemiology and statistics. In 2009-2010 she was also appointed EU fellow at Harvard University, where she conducted research on the use of health statistics in formulating, monitoring, and evaluating policies and programmes which have an impact on public health. As a retired official of the European Commission. Dr Marleen De Smedt is now working since 2018 on an ad-hoc basis as ‘active senior’ for Eurostat.